WFS at Cannes Film Festival 2015 - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

During this year's Cannes IFF, Warsaw Film School presented a School production, Inka (Poland, 2015) in the Short Corner and joined the Polish Cinema Stand, organised by our partner, the Polish Film Institute. We spoke to the director Monika Majorek, 2nd year BA Film Directing student, about her impressions of the famous festival (see our instagram for Monika's visual impressions).

What were your expectations of the festival before you came?

I've never been to Cannes Film Festival before, so I didn't expect much besides establishing relationships, meeting film producers and other filmmakers from all over the world. I also hoped to get to know the audience's feedback regarding my movie Inka.

How was Inka screened at Cannes?

Inka was screened at Short Film Corner. That's a section of Cannes Film Festival that is open to for submissions and available to all delegates – there are tones of short movies you can watch either as an individual spectator in front of your own monitor or among others in the screening room. Also, Inka was selected for the Coups de Coeur list of films recommended by guest programmers, which was a great surprise and honour for me.

What’s your impression of Cannes after attending?

I really liked the immensity and the scope about. It's always amazing about the film festivals that they gather in one place so many different people whose great aspiration is to be in the film industry and/or tell stories. But I must say I was surprised that the tickets system made it really difficult to fully attend the festival and feel like a part of it.

What’s your advice for filmmakers going to Cannes or the first time?

Have a lot of business cards with you and carry a copy of your movie with you all the time. And enjoy every single moment, because you're among quite a great company. Finally – most importantly – be prepared to pitch your ideas at any time or at various of weird places like on board of the plane while landing.