The World is watching! Vol. 2 - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

Jerapetra / Grece 35°00′20,02″N 25°44′07,94″E

Gwiazda Piołun / The Wormwood Star, directed by Adelina Borets, a second year film directing student, has been qualified for the Intenational Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, taking place in the hottest city of Crete, which is also the southernmost city of the European continent.

Houston / USA 29°45′46″N 95°22′59″W
Techno, directed by Tadeusz Łysiak, will compete for an award at the Literally Short Film Festival in Houston, Texas. This special and focused on the short film festival struggles for deepening the dialogue between different cultures and promoting cinema that overcomes borders and brings people closer together.

Paris / France 48°52′N 2°21′E + San Franciso / USA 37°46′45″N 122°25′09″W

Ofiarowanie / Sacrifice, by Konrad Bloch, has been qualified for the first festival of growing up LGBTQ: LGBTQ ♥ Coming Of Age Short-Films Festival which simultaneously takes place in two amazing cities – San Francisco and Paris. The festival not only promotes the idea of tolerance and diversity, but also donates festival ticket & pass money to end violence and discrimination against sexual minorities.