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VIENNA / AUSTRIA 48°13′N 16°22′E

Leszy / The Woodkin, directed by, Mateusz Motyka was presented at the Let's Cee Film Festival in Vienna - in the same section you could also see "60 kilos of nothing" by Piotr Domalewski.

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CAMBRIDGE / GREAT BRITAIN 52°12′29″N 0°07′21″E

Ofiarowanie / Sacrifice, directed by, Konrad Bloch and Bartłomiej Brzezinski Zamiast / Instead are already after special presentations at Cambridge as a part of the Queers in Shorts.

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GLASGOW / SCOTLAND 55°52′12″N 4°16′12″W
 Jadłowstręt / Inappetance a horror, directed by, Katarzyna Babicz was screened during the Glasgow Horror Festival.
The film tells the story of a young girl suffering from anorexia who is experiencing hallucinations under the influence of weight loss drugs. Her body begins to change.

WEST VIRGINIA / USA 39°00′N 80°30′W

Karteczki / Place Cards, directed by, Andrzej Święch has been qualified for the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival in the United States. We keep our fingers crossed!
The Official West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival Website:

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