The story of Irena Sendler - special screening - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

As "The Story of Irena Sendler" premiers at the seat of the Council of Europe in Strasburg, a screening of the film will be held in Cinema Elektronik on the 27th of January, at 12:30. 

"The Story..." features last interview given by Sendler, a WWII underground activist, who smuggled Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto into the arian side. The Righteous Among the Nations honouree talks about her life, motivations and ultimate wish that the memory of Holocaust saves humanity from ever allowing such a tragedy to take place again.

- I made this film - said director Andrzej Wolf - so that generations to come learn from this tragic part of history. I wanted to show where lack of tolerance and respect can lead, but also to portray those, who are just, the heroes willing to risk their lives in order to help the persecuted and abused.

The film is richly illustrated by the music of Michał Lorenc and historical recreations with Sonia Bochosiewicz portraying Irena Sendler.