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The programme of this year's festival includes the screening of the award-winning "The Florida Project" and the participation of its producers- Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch. Additionaly, Leszek Bodzak, Magda and Borys Lankosz will present the adaptation process of  Joanna Bator’s  - "Darkness, almost night" from novel to film. One of the Festival’s attractions will also be a discussion with Tomasz Baginski about modern TV series and Netflix. During the meetings, the participants will also learn an important lesson about what a creative document is and how to transfer the comic to the screen.

The biggest screenwriters’ Festival is is free of charge.

Inspirational workshops, lectures and projections are included in the Festival’s agenda (also concerning the virtual reality). Also, there will be a special event Breakfast for the Publishers of Children's and Youth Literature and the Film Industry.

- At the festival, we want to bring your attention to both the American independent scene and Hollywood. We will also discuss how to write and make a film in the Polish and European reality - says Anna Bielak, Artistic Director of the Fiesta Script.

Script Fiesta also includes script competitions in the categories of "Short Film (30 minutes)" and "The Concept of Television Series", with PLN5000 and PLN2000 cash awards respectively. In addition, this year’s festival's partner is the Warsaw Uprising Museum which will participate in selecting the best spot associated with the 74th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The winning project will be broadcasted on TV, cinemas and the Internet, and the creator of the script will receive a prize of PLN 3000 and will be engaged in the film production.

Script Fiesta is also a unique opportunity to make new valuable contacts in the film industry and meet the best practitioners in the market. The Festival’s club and partner of the 7th edition of the Script Fiesta is the Warsaw’s SPATIF, where the evening Screenplays Reading Sessions will  soon take place. The organizers have also prepared a special attraction for cinema fans. The opening and closing of the festival will feature two iconic, script-winning films - "Thelma and Louise" and "Pulp Fiction".

A detailed program of the event is available HERE and on the official website of the festival:


Festival details:

The Script Fiesta festival’s originator and coordinator is a director, screenwriter and producer Maciej Ślesicki. The event is organized by the Warsaw Film School. The first edition of the event began in 2012 and was created mainly for scriptwriters. Every year, however, more and more producers, directors, actors and novelists, as well as video game producers attend the event. All participants are always on the lookout for the new talents  and writing partners or just wish to meet other screenwriters. All activities are free of charge.