Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

March has brought us many reasons to be proud of. One of them is the presence of our two student films in this year's edition of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival in Israel.

Both films will be presented in a short film block. The main award gives the chance to qualify for the Academy Award®.

The first film, Mara’s Tamkovich “Daughter”, a diploma film, tells the touching story of Piotr who upon returning home for his daughter’s Kamila sixteenth birthday, finds her unconscious in a pool of blood. From now on their lives will never be the same again.
CÓRKA | DAUGHTER Poland 2018 29’23’’ directing Mara Tamkovich screenplay Mara Tamkovich, Krzysztof Trela,  Krzysztof Trela, editing Maciej Gawda, cast Adam Cywka, Gabriela Chojecka, Dagmara Brodziak, Aleksandra Padzikowska, producent Maciej Ślesicki  executive producer Jarosław Grzymała, Houdini Film, Artur Krawczyk, Bartosz Jodłowski.

The second film to be presented at the festival is the brave short titled 'Nucklear Shadows' by Marek Leszczewski. Quoting the official description of the film: "In a post-apocalyptic world destroyed as a result of nuclear annihilation, a teenage boy tries to bury with dignity the body of his younger brother."
WIECZNE CIENIE | NUCLEAR SHADOWS Polska 2017 15’ directing Marek Leszczewski scrreenplay Marek Leszczewski cinematography Max Bugajak music Mikołaj Bugajak, Jacek Onaszkiewicz, editing Yakiv Komarynsky, cast Maksymilian Jastrzębski, Maciej Bożek, Anita Jańcia,producent Maciej Ślesicki  executive producer Jarosław Grzymała.

The festival starts on June 10, 2018. Keep your fingers crossed for our students and their great videos! This is only the first stop on the festival path of the Nuclear Shadows and Daughter!