Palm Springs here we come! - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

Summer is upon us, and so the Warsaw Film School students and alumni pack up their bags for festival travels. Next week, our 2nd year BA in Film Directing Monika Majorek heads up to US to represent Inka, and it's a double bill for Tomek Ślesicki, who did the principal photography for Monika's film and has his own directorial debut August in the running for ShortFest award.

The Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films lasts 7 days and screens more than 350 short films every year. It is  one of the AMPAS qualifying festivals, and has thus far hosted 97 short films that went on to secure Oscar nominations in the short film categories.


A Warsaw Film School production, the short film was written and directed by Majorek, shot by a School alumni Tomek Ślesicki and stars up and coming young actress Kamila Kobic, also a student of WFS. Inka tells the story of a young woman who becomes an outcast to her home town community after she enters a conflict with the local priest. Inka is convinced she is right, but is being right worth the lonely fight?

Poland, 2015 / running time 13' 19" written and directed by Monika Majorek / cinematography Tomasz Ślesicki / editing Monika Majorek / cast: Kamila Kobic, Julia Gawrysiak, Hubert Mikołajewski, Tadeusz Falana, Ireneusz Kozioł, Wojciech Węglarski, Szymon Milas.


Tomek considers himself a cinematographer who moonlights as a director, but his debut has set him up firmly in the second category. An uncommon love story, August follows two teenagers on a trip around local fields, with a six year old under their care. The question in the air: "do we really want to do this?" A film about first love and the things we do for it.

Poland, 2014 / running time 13' 20" written and directed by Tomek Ślesicki / cinematography Tomek Ślesicki / editing Tomek Ślesicki / cast Paweł Górka, Edyta Bełza, Maciej Bożek, Mateusz Bożek, Karol Zakrzewski, Michał Krzywicki, Izabela Jarosińska, Józef Teofiluk