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“Film Schools students are divided into people who dream of ever making a movie, and people who do it. Dorota Kobiela belonged to the second group. I knew that she would achieve something great." The Chancellor of the Warsaw Film School Maciej Slesicki commented on the graduate's success - an Oscar nomination for “Loving Vincent”.



The 90th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), will honor the best films of 2017 and will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles on March 4, 2018. “Loving Vincent” directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman will compete against „The Breadwinner” (directed by Anthony Leo, Nora Twomey), „Coco” (directed by Darla K. Anderson, Lee Unkrich), „Fernando” (directed by Carlos Saldanha) and „The Boss Baby” (directed byTom McGrath, Ramsey Ann Naito).

This is the second Oscar nomination that our School graduates can be proud of. The first one was given in 2015 to Tomasz Śliwiński for his Documentary Short Subject "Our Curse". The time has come to keep fingers crossed for "Loving Vincent"!




"Loving Vincent" is the first Polish fully painted feature full-length movie nominated for an Oscar. However, this is not the only sphere Dorota Kobiela has paved the way for. Our graduate is the fifth woman nominated in this category. Furthermore, she was a member of the pioneer group in our School’s history, the first year’s film and television director’s faculty. During her studies she created three short films combining animation with an acting movie: "Love me" which is an impression of the eternal disagreement between a woman and a man, "Mr. Bear" about a teddy bear who turns out to be an admirer of feminine charms and "Heart in Hand", a story about the desire for love and the need to be with a loved one, starring Anna Wendzikowska and Jarosław Gruda.

"Heart in Hand" was awarded the distinction of the Dean of the Radio and Television Department for the best special effects at the Węgiel Student Film Festival in 2006.

Our congratulations to Dorota and her team! Hard work makes dreams come true and that is what we wish you all!