Open day 2016: film, games, music and lounging in the sun - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

Join the faculty, staff, and present and future students at the campus for ‪‎film‬ and ‪video games‬ ‪‎workshops‬, music, ‪‎BBQ‬ and debates
about art in the sun.

11:00 acting workshop I
11:00 how to become an international student
11:15 cinematography workshop
11:15 working with cameras cinematography
11:30 secrets of production
12:00 sound creation: film, TV, games
12:00 film directing - work sample consultations
12:00 about photography
12:15 creating games, creating realities
12:30 acting workshop II
12:30 inside film editing
14:30 film studies in practice filmstudies

Making games - the film way
conference at Cinema Elektronik
15:00 - 17:00

Through the day: lounging in the sun, outdoor music, BBQ, table tennis and more - bring your friends and family!