Make your adventure. BA course in Video Games - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

The original BA course specialising in design and production of video games, has been developed in cooperation with leading Polish game studios, Techland and CDP.PL. In line with the School's philosophy of practical education, the course is structured around the process of production of a video game and lead by seasoned industry professionals. Through practicing various aspects of game creation, students collect assets which can later be included in their diploma project – a complete video game.

The course relays on a balance between learning and exercising with technology (introductory programming, 3D modelling, Unity and Unreal engines, VR and motion capture) and a solid education in creating compelling narratives – benefits of studying at a university dedicated to visual story-telling.

Through the course, Video Games Design & Production students have access to film equipment and facilities, as well as a chance to exercise their CGI and special effects muscles through joint projects with film students.


1000 EUR registration fee paid upon being admitted to the School (within 14 days of signing Student Agreement)
15 000 EUR for the course when paid in monthly instalments (500 EUR per month from October to July)
13 500 when paid in annual instalments (4 500 per year)

Applications will be open from May 1 to June 30, 2016. Read more on how to apply.