Laurels for „Place cards” – bravo Andrzej Święch! - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

The 5-minute „Place cards” directed by our student Andrzej Święch won the award for the best short drama at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, whose mission is to present the audience very short films under the graceful slogan "It's never too short". „Place cards” is a brilliant miniature about waiting, hope and absence.
"Two little sisters are preparing for a ceremony. In step with the preparations, their uncertainty about whether the guest will appear increases."

The film has already won awards at the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival and the Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival.

Andrzej Święch has been in love with the cinema for a long time. He obtained / got his master's degree in the field of English Studies, for thesis on Woody Allen's films.
Święch studied film editing at the Warsaw Film School. Currently, he continues his passion studying film directing. He has grown to love documentaries, and his film debut is "Grandfather", which was included in the programme of many festivals in Poland and abroad. Święch is proud that his film has been well-received and appreciated.
In addition, Święch is involved in many other documentaries, industrial films and videoclips.