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Our International student Alex Katerynchuk received the Jan Machulski Award nomination for Best Editing for his film "Dawn".

This is a first year film by our international student that was presented in the Short Films Competition of the WAMA Film Festival in Olsztyn on October 13th. This festival is one of the few unique opportunities for shorts to receive a very prestigious nomination given out by the Jury of the Jan Machulski Award for Best Independent films and filmmakers. 

It's a award given by OFF FILM ACADEMY — a group of professionals (filmmakers, journalists, and producers), who select the winners on the basis of nominations approved by independent juries of leading Polish independent cinema festivals.
The project is an important enterprise, which promotes Polish independent cinema, which became an incredible developing artistic trend in last few years. The goal of the project is not only to present the best films and the most talented debutants, but also to show  the multidimensionality of the phenomena, which we call an independent cinema, how it is shaping in particular film genres, in which direction it goes, and how it can be a backdrop (or alternative) to the mainstream of Polish cinema.*

The short "Dawn" tells a compelling story of two soldiers who find themselves trapped in one house during the recent military conflict in Ukraine, only to verify that there is much more to brotherly war than just a soldier's uniform.