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Charon, 2015

A young hospital worker meets a patient awaiting abortion procedure. Their childhood stripped away from them too early, the two form a bond which might help them survive..

Poland, 2015 / running time 35'

written and directed by Paweł Hejbudzki
cinematography Wojciech Węgrzyn
editing Paweł Hejbudzki
cast: Adam Bobik, Ewa Ziętek, Edyta Bełza

Sentenced to Glam, 2015

Young, glamorous and gay, the doc's protagonists negotiate the treacherous waters of life and relationships. Is there love to be found beyond Glam?

Poland, 2015 / running time 22' 32"

written and directed by Lulu Zubczynska
cinematography Lulu Zubczynska
editing Lulu Zubczynska

The Notice, 2015

A Ukrainian cleaning lady works at a young couple’s Warsaw house. Relations of power and relations of hearts leave the players stranded and ready to erupt.

Poland, 2015 / running time 12' 26"

directed by Ewa Kochańska
written by Ewa Kochańska, Danuta Sabat
cinematography Mateusz Pastewka
editing Anna Gontarczyk, Ewa Kochańska

Children, 2015

Left to their own devices, brother and sister spend their days holding funerals for forest insects. When an adult with a death-wish enters their realm, life and death collide.

Poland, 2015 / running time 7' 52"

written and directed by Zofia Żurawska
cinematography anonynomous
editing Zofia Żurawska
cast: Kamila Biały, Michał Lewicki, Marcin Kalisz

Tropical Island, 2015

A dramedy about social alienation and finding a sense of belonging. The main character Whitey - a teen albino – wants to get away from the large scale estate and escape to a place called Tropical Island. But escapes aren't usually easy, and the safe harbor might not be where we thought.

Poland, 2015/ running time 13' 20"

written and directed by Filip Hillesland
photography Jakub Burakiewicz
editing Malwina Wodzicka
cast Paweł Dobek, Mike Lipiński, Maksymilian Michasiow, Rafał Rosiak, Wafic Abon-Khadra, Oliwia Korzec, Wiktoria Korzec

Inka, 2015

"Inka" tells the story of a young woman who becomes an outcast to her home town community after she enters a conflict with the local priest. Inka is convinced she is right, but is being right worth the lonely fight?

Poland, 2015 / running time 13' 19"

written and directed by Monika Majorek
cinematography Tomasz Ślesicki
editing Monika Majorek
cast: Kamila Kobic, Julia Gawrysiak, Hubert Mikołajewski, Tadeusz Falana, Ireneusz Kozioł, Wojciech Węglarski, Szymon Milas.

Equation, 2015

Maria, strongly religious woman teaches math at the middle school. Her life is perfectly arranged, everything has it’s time and place, every action has appropriate way to be done and every misdeed has a punishment assigned to it. She used to follow the same rules 25 years ago, when she found out her beloved was divorced and had a son from the first marriage.

Poland, 2015 / running time 12' 6"

written and directed by Mara Tamkovich
cinematography Paweł Kucharczyk
editor Mara Tamkovich, Dominik Greinert
cast Aleksandra Padzikowska, Maria Kowalik, Jan Wojtyński, Eryk Pratsko, Maks Piasecki

Strong Coffe Isn't That Bad, 2014

Jack has not seen his son for 18 years, when the two unexpectedly meet en route to their home village. Amongst stubbornness and denial, two men need to consider the future of their relationship. A star studded comedy-drama based on „Mending Fences” by Norm Foster.

Poland, 2014 / running time 45'
written and directed by Aleksander Pietrzak
cinematography Mateusz Pastewka
cast Marian Dziedziel, Dorota Pomykała, Wojciech Mecwaldowski

Solanin Film Festiwal, Grand Prix; Film and Art Festival Two Riversides - Main Prize Independent Short Film Competition, Polish Film Festival Los Angeles, "Bridging The Borders Award”, Camerimage International Film Festival, Student Film Competition, Official Selection

August, 2014

Two teenagers make a trip around local fields, with a six year old under their care. The question in the air: "do we really want to do this?" A film about first love and the things we do for it.

Poland, 2014 / running time 13' 20"

written and directed by Tomek Ślesicki
cinematography Tomek Ślesicki
editing Tomek Ślesicki
cast Paweł Górka, Edyta Bełza, Maciej Bożek, Mateusz Bożek, Karol Zakrzewski, Michał Krzywicki, Izabela Jarosińska, Józef Teofiluk

Palm Springs ShortFest 2015, Best Live Action Short 15 Minutes Or Under, Special Mention For Exceptional Cinematography
Gdynia Film Festival 2014, Young Cinema Competition, Special Mention

Invisible, 2014

The documentary follows the almost blind, elderly Krystyna, as she is preparing for a performance of her poetry. Eloquent in her writing, and undeterred in her pursuit of independence, the author keeps a life of reliance at bay.

Poland, 2015 / running time 22'

written and directed by Zofia Pręgowska
cinematography Tomasz Stankiewicz
editing Tomasz Stankiewicz, Zofia Pręgowska

Our Curse, 2013

Faced with a rare, incurable, and potentially fatal disease of their newborn child Leo, director Tomasz Śliwiński and his wife Magda have to create a whole new way of life for a young family. The film tells a story of taming humanity's greatest fear and takng on life's most challenging and rewarding roles.

Poland 2013 / running time 27'
written and directe Tomasz Śliwiński
cinematographyTomasz Śliwiński, Magda Hueckel
editing Justyna Król, Tomasz Śliwiński

Academy Award® nominee Short Subject Documentary; IDA Documentary Award nominee Best Short Documentary; 66th Festival del Film Locarno, Competition Pardi di Domani (International Premiere); International Festival of Short Films ASPEN SHORTSFEST, International Competition Best Documentary Award (North American Premiere)

Business Trip, 2013

A young mother flies out on a one-day business trip to London. We witness her journey step by step and uncover the true nature of the trip.

Poland 2013 / 8'

written and directed by Arkadiusz Bartosiak
photography Arkadiusz Bartosiak
editing Arkadiusz Bartosiak
cast Ewelina Bator