prof. Janusz Majewski - Faculty - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland


Rector of the Warsaw Film School. In 1959 he graduated from film directing at the  Lodz Film School. In the years of 1983–1990 he was the Chairman of the Main Board  in the Polish Filmmakers Association, in 2006 he became the Chairman in Honour. In  the years of 1987–1991 he was a member of Cinematography Committee. Between 1969 and 1991 he worked as a lecturer at the Lodz Film School, and as a guest  lecturer also in USA. In 2001 r. he was awarded with the Order of Polonia Restituta. Selected filmography: Sublokator (Undertenant)1966, Złoto dezerterów (The Gold of the Deserters) 1998, Mała matura 1947 (Little Baccalaureate 1947) 2010. 

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