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Elektronik was one of Warsaw's cult movie theatres in the 70s and 80s, when it had been a part of campus belonging to an electronic engineering school. However the commercialisation of 1990s wasn't kind to the cinema, and it eventually closed in 2001. Laterna Magica Foundation, which runs Warsaw Film School, leased part of the campus in 2010 and soon thereafter commenced rebuilding works in Elektronik. By that point the building and equipment had deteriorated.

It took a few years but Elektronik is now ready for modern cinematic exhibition with digital and 35 mm facilities, while having kept most of its original decor and refurbished vintage seats.

WFS Chancellor, Maciej Ślesicki and cofounder Bogusław Linda host the opening ceremony

„When choosing what to show at our opening we looked for a film that was Polish, that has had no premiere, and that starred Bogusław Linda”, said the School Chancellor, Maciej Ślesicki. Linda, one of Poland's most renowned actors, is a cofounder of the School and head of the acting department. „A Lonely Woman”, in which he starred along with Maria Chwalibóg, was made in 1981 and almost immediately put on a shelf due to its anti-regime undertones. „We had waited over thirty years for the premiere of this film”, said Maciej Karpiński, who co-wrote the script with director Agnieszka Holland.

"A Lonely Woman" leads: Maria Chwalibóg (L)and Bogusław Linda (R)

Also present at the opening were lead actress Maria Chwalibóg, Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland Małgorzata Omilanowska, representatives of the local government, and friends and partners of the cinema re-launch.

Elektronik will host screenings for students and general audiences, with focus on young creators, independent productions and Polish and international classics.