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Cinematography & Post -production

Innovative education programme!

Warsaw Film School has launched a unique, undergraduate BA Film and Multimedia course, which turned out to be very popular among foreign students. The innovative programme for our new specialization in Cinematography and Post-production is based on knowledge and experience of world class multimedia specialists, as well as active filmmakers, creators.

Students will be given the opportunity to use a top-notch equipment available in the market.

All classes will be held in English in the adjusted workshop rooms, studios, arranged film sets at Warsaw Film School.

All programmes offered by WFS are regularly reviewed and updated, therefore responsive to changes in the dynamic production environment. We are continually looking to raise the level of our position in the international filmmaking stage thanks to our rapid development and creativity.

Practical filmmaking

The original film studies programme will consist of valuable lectures, series of masterclasses, workshops and individual creative work under the guidance of experienced professors and professionals.

The course is aimed at those wishing to acquire and develop the practical skills to make a complete and successful storyline, starting from a wide range of lightening techniques, creating and developing movie scenes and ending with postproduction workflows. You will be offered the fantastic opportunity to become equipped with comprehensive and integrated knowledge of this exciting subject, i.e. work with different types of camera, photography, optics, lighting in film, colour grading, FX/CGI postproduction, VR workshop, editing & sound techniques and many more.

Our BA course provides an opportunity to learn how to create full-featured, professional short forms, documentaries, and long form productions.

Working in small groups will enable the learners to exchange experience and explore the crafts of the director, actor, cameraman, lighting producer and sound technician, which help build team spirit, cooperative skills and prepare students for all aspects of work in creative environment.

Our students will be able to receive comprehensive knowledge and technical skills to succeed in film and television industries.

Art house cinema theater on Campus

WFS students are also given the unique opportunity to feel the amazing atmosphere of a full-scale cinema because Warsaw Film School owns a professional Cinema Elektronik which is a perfect place for screening their exam projects.


Warsaw Film School students and graduates were awarded at international film festivals, including Oscar nominations.
Our graduate Dorota Kobiela was nominated for The Oscars 2018 for “Loving Vincent”. This was the second Oscar nomination that our School graduates can be proud of. The first one was given in 2015 to Tomasz Śliwiński for his Documentary Short Subject "Our Curse".


In accordance with the ECTS regulations student earns 60 credits for successful completion of a full-time academic year and 30 credits for a passed semester. Students are obliged to be awarded 180 credits in the First Cycle of studies.


Application fee: 50 EUR

Enrollment fee: 1000 EUR (non-refundable)

Tuition fee: 5000 EUR per academic year


Our second and third-year students will have an opportunity to apply for the Chancellor’s Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded foracademic achievements, involvement in school activities, creativity and leadership.
Scholarships are renewed each academic year.


If you have any questions or require help with the enrollment documents, visa, accommodation please write to: 

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