Children and Equation in newcomers festival - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

"Equation" by Mara Tamkovich and "Children" by Zofia Żurawska made the cut at Poland's most prominent film festival celebrating debuting filmmakers. Since its inception in 1973, "Młodzi i Film" (The Young and Film) has recognized talents such as Agnieszka Holland (1979 award for "Provincial Actors"), Krzysztof Kieślowski (1976 for "Personnel") and Warsaw Film School's lecturer Krzysztof Zanussi (1973 for "The Illumination"). The School's alumni Katarzyna Rosłaniec also debuted at the fest with "Mall Girls", a feature version of her diploma short.

Left to their own devices, brother and sister spend their days holding funerals for forest insects. When an adult with a death-wish enters their realm, life and death collide.

Poland, 2015 / running time 7' 52"
written and directed by Zofia Żurawska
cinematography anonynomous
editing Zofia Żurawska
cast: Kamila Biały, Michał Lewicki, Marcin Kalisz 

Maria, strongly religious woman teaches math at the middle school. Her life is perfectly arranged, everything has it’s time and place, every action has appropriate way to be done and every misdeed has a punishment assigned to it. She used to follow the same rules 25 years ago, when she found out her beloved was divorced and had a son from the first marriage.

Poland, 2015 / running time 12' 6"
written and directed by Mara Tamkovich
cinematography Paweł Kucharczyk
editor Mara Tamkovich, Dominik Greinert
cast Aleksandra Padzikowska, Maria Kowalik, Jan Wojtyński, Eryk Pratsko, Maks Piasecki