Application consultations for international candidates - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland

Get a head start on your Warsaw Film School application! Lecturers from Film Directing, Cinematography, and Video Games Design & Production specialisations are now available for consultations with international BA candidates.

As part of your application to WFS you will be submit a work sample presenting your ideas, style and creative capabilities:

For film directors and cinematographers – an AV work of up to 5 minutes (film, music video, montage)

For video game designers/producers – a maximum 3-page Game Concept Document presenting your idea for a game, including: main concepts and goals of the game, 3 Unique Selling Points of the game, 3 main game mechanics, a maximum of 5 secondary mechanics, a half-page summary of the plot, description of target audience, list of competing game titles, ideas for monetisation, (facultatively) visual references.

Submit your work sample before March 30, 2016 to to get written feedback and/or schedule an interview.