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Appetite for the Warsaw Film School

Everyone who visited our Campus at 7 Zajączka St. last Saturday, could feel like a Warsaw Film School student. What does it mean? Just as our students were convincing the visitors during the Open Day, life and education at the school are like entering the film set. So the team, cooperation, synergy and cinema.

Cinema is looking at the stars – that is why the very center of the patio, the main stage of the Open Day, was occupied by an astronaut, a second year acting student, hung in the green screen background, which in post-production will become the cosmic abyss. This scene magnetized everyone who entered the patio area. And it was a great beginning of the tour around the Warsaw Film School.


Ponad 90 osób zapisało się na konsultacje ze wszystkich kierunków nauczania WSF - ale przyszło znacznie więcej. Nasi goście spontanicznie brali też udział w wielu warsztatach,  operatorskich, obiektywowych czy na stoisku gier. Przyglądali się, jak nagrywa się sceny samochodowe i montuje kamery na pojazdach, wraz ze studentami kreacji dźwięku rozkładali dźwięk filmowy na pierwiastki, dołączyli do futurystycznej trupy cyrkowców z planu sceny nagrywanej przez Filmowe Studium Policealne.


Afterwards, they immersed themselves into the cinema darkness to watch the best last year student films at the Elektronik Cinema, which is part of the Warsaw Film School. The presented movies qualify not only for the most important student festivals, but also for the most important festivals around the globe. On that hot Saturday the cinema theatre was almost 2/3 full, young artists answered all questions from the audience and talked about how the school took care of their talents.


 - I feel as if I were a WFS student already. I would not like to go back to my high school - said Szymon, one of the candidates, and Jędrzej Juszczak, a student of the Video Games Creation, assured: - This school provides support, environment, networking. And the certainty, that after graduation you already have a well-planned future.

The agenda consisted of: 

11.00 – Welcome Guests at the WFS Open Day

11.00 –  17.30 Picnic

12.00 – 13.00 Virtual tour of the Warsaw Film School facilities - Live Streaming on Warsaw Film School Facebook 

13.00 – 17.00 Counselling sessions with our international students, professors, production manager, international studies cooperator via Skype (international_514)

15:30 – 17:30 Screening of the best etudes produced by our students


BA Film and Multimedia course:

> Film Directing and Video Games 

> Cinematography and Post-production