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Warsaw Film School was founded in 2004 by Polish film director, producer and screenwriter Maciej Ślesicki and one of the country's most popular actors, Bogusław Linda. The academy is a unique film institution, one of three in the country to grant BA diplomas. 
Warsaw Film School had been active on the market for over ten years and is currently one of the fastest growing film academies in Europe. This allows us to employ a highly qualified, professionally active teaching staff of Polish and international filmmakers and film scholars. We are constantly improving our infrastructure and investing in our campus, the home to School's production facilities and newly-restored Cinema with 35mm, digital and 3D capabilities. 




Location & facilities

Poland is producing around 60 feature films and is involved in 20 to 30 international coproduction projects a year. We are based at the heart of a dynamically developing audiovisual market, with strong tradition and sincere attachment to film a mode of personal and political expression. 
Based in the capital of Poland, WFS is at the center of a film education hub, which also includes a film-profiled high school, game – profiled high school, secondary school, vocational college and a production company. 
Warsaw Film School has also its very own art-house cinema called Kino Elektronik right on campus. Created in 1964 the cinema has been recently renovated and hosts many concerts, film events, festivals as well as regular theatre screenings- most of which hold special student rates.
The school is perfectly communicated with the city centre by subway (Dworzec Gdański station), tramway (15) and Old Town (bus 116). It is also only a five minute tram ride away (6)  from the other side of the river district, Praga Północ a lively artistic student hub. A big and customer friendly shopping mall- Arkadia - is just one tram (1) stop from school.
The school is surrounded by cosy cafes, shops and green parks and some amazing Corbusier architecture.
On campus we also serve coffee, as well as sandwiches and lunches for vegans and vegetarians.
The School organizes a range of educational, artistic, and professional events, including Script Fiesta – Europe's only fully open festival dedicated to the art of writing for the screen. Each year hundreds of professionals gather for a week of master-classes, workshops, pitching sessions and social events. The list of special guests includes Joe Eszterhas, Pilar Alessandra, Linda Aronson, Slawomir Idziak, Elite Zexer and Jane Campion. 

The campus, with the capacity of 2,600 sq. m is offering space for film and photography shoots, dark rooms, post-production facilities and a high-end sound studio.



Lecturers of Warsaw Film School are among most recognized Polish and international filmmakers, specialists in the fields of film and new media. Our professors are currently working in Poland or abroad as a directors, lighting artists editors, writers, producers, sound designers, animators, game designers and producers, they constitute the power behind everything from blockbusters, to independent films, to broadcast and cable television hits, to interactive games and other new media. Warsaw Film School has one of the strongest faculty members group in this part of Europe. 

Whether it's renowned feature directors or Oscar Nominated documentary filmmakers or creators of one of the best video games in the world, they are all here to help you to explore and expand your creative potential. As actively working media professionals, faculty will be instructing and inspiring students in how to create content and also consider students as potential collaborators and business partners.

Work hand - in - hand with faculty, professionals such as 

Maciej Ślesicki - director, producer, screenwriter, founder and Chancellor of Warsaw Film School,  Initiator of numerous projects supporting the debuts of young filmmakers and head of his own movies studio, Paisa Films.

Bogusław Linda - acting icon, protagonist of films of such Polish film directors as Krzysztof Kieślowski, Agnieszka Holland and Andrzej Wajda.

Krzysztof Zanussi - one of the most renowned film directors of the so called Polish Film School, recently awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Marek Brodzki - feature films director, cooperated as 2nd director with Steven Spielberg, the great Andrzej Wajda on his most recent films, including his last film entitled "Afterimage".

Bartosz Konopka - feature and documentary filmmmaker, Academy Award nominated for his documentary short film " Rabbit a la Berlin" in 2009.

Maciej Szcześnik, Marcin Przybyłowicz, Marek Ziemiak who are responsible for creating,  designing and producing the video game "THE WITCHER".

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Programs in Polish

BA courses: directing, film editing, film & TV production, acting, cinematography, scriptwriting, photography, production and directing of video games, management in the culture, film production, sound in films, tv & video games. 
Postgraduate courses: directing, scriptwriting. 
Short courses: basic film course, film editing.

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Programs in English

Whole New International Multimedia Creation Studies 


BA courses: 

Cinematography & Post -production →

Film Directing & Video Games  

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High quality education in the European Union member country

Polish schools are subject to the regulations of the Bologna Process that unifies education in the European Union and in partnering countries. Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) students can be fully mobile, your degree obtained in Poland is recognized internationally and you can continue education in other countries


Lower tuition fees and cheaper student life compared to other European countries

The living expenses in Poland are much lower than in most EU countries. The amount of 300-500 Euros should cover the monthly costs of accommodation, food and transport.


Gate to Europe - geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe

If you would like to combine your studies with travelling, Poland is a perfect home base for you! It takes only two hours by plane to visit Rome, Oslo, London or Moscow, and just a bit longer to reach Paris or Athens.
On 21 December 2007 Poland joined the Schengen Area. As a result passport checks are abolished on Poland's borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. It practically means that persons admitted to the Schengen Area can travel hassle-free between 24 countries of the Schengen Area without internal land and sea border controls from Portugal to Poland and from Greece to Finland.



Warsaw, a city of over 1.7 million people, is Poland's capital and is located in the heart of Europe. It is a bustling metropolis with a vibrant night-life, rich cultural offerings, as well as an unforgettable history. As Poland's economic and political centre, Warsaw also offers many employment opportunities for ambitious students who wish to work for the hundreds of national and international companies including fashion & design brands, organizations and institutions that are located in the city.
Warsaw links design with business, entertainment, culture and leisure and inspires fashion professionals but also the people in the city with an active, vivid, strong, unique subculture, turning the street style and the street culture into essential characteristics.

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